Our History

The Martin Morel House of 1896 wakes up.

A century of reasons, testimony of a forgotten heritage.

It is in the vicinity of Lyon, in 2013, that Emmanuel Foyatier made his first trip back in time to the textile printing factory of his grandfather, Martin Morel. This factory, which he knows abandoned since his childhood, has a real treasure: thousands of archives, from 1896 to 1980, hundreds of motifs, all reflections of an era, were waiting to be revealed in the open. It did not take Emmanuel more to revive these prints and imagine a mark at the crossroads of 2 eras, a meeting between past and present: Maison Martin Morel.

"1896-Past Contemporary is a promise, that of a future more beautiful, more elegant, more sensitive. The beginning of another story »

Current cuts adorned with vintage motifs, redesigned by the talented Lily Alcaraz and Léa Berlier, then take life in this industrial setting. From this heritage are born elegant and innovative collections, reflecting the daring and timeless woman, the Maison Martin Morel woman.

"The motifs of Maison Martin Morel print both textiles and our minds. "

With its very contemporary lines, the garment becomes a bridge between a bygone era and the present. For each motive his epoch, his name, his spirit. The trip can then begin. Welcome to the world Maison Martin Morel.