Maison Martin Morel, the big brand of Motifs on small screen !

Maison Martin Morel dresses women with a playful and timeless look. Did you know, among our customers we also count faces known from French television. Daphne Burki, Ophélie Meunier Sandrine Calvayrac, Julia Molkhou and … Marion Cotillard! All are followers of the youngest centennial brand. So, curious about why your favorite stars choose Maison Martin Morel?


When one is a figure of television the physical appearance is very noticed. Neat, studied, affirmed, the choice of an outfit is then a rigorous task but these animatrices do not forget their personal tastes …


Maison Martin Morel offers a complete cloakroom of clothing whose major asset is the choice of noble fabrics, silk and cotton being our favorite materials. In this, our blouses are a flagship product that TV presenters love. These are pieces that by their fluidity reveal the delicacy and finesse of women. Moreover, Alice Darfeuille & Sandrine Calvayrac have already adopted them!


Ophélie Meunier and Julia Molkhou have understood, our colorful and graphic prints bring a dynamism unparalleled. Authentic and bold, these motifs highlight the personality of each. Our sweatshirts, 100{e2246fa2aa79c290b233414b8f2b8e38c1e67541b61f222abfa6e818e7fb472a} cotton, are also a sure bet for the animators. With these sweatshirts full of freshness, Ophélie Meunier and Julia Molkhou dress their sparkling personalities. A designer of designs since 1896, the brand’s vintage aesthetic perfectly matches the modern cuts of our clothes.


If the audiovisual animators opt for Maison Martin Morel, it is just as much for its admirable story of printing factory on textile become multidisciplinary house. Carrying House Martin Morel also means living 120 years of know-how, a century of tradition and a constant search for refinement. Like everyone in our house, Daphne Burki and her colleagues are the perfect embodiment of Martin Morel’s values.


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