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Our history



Maison Martin Morel, creator of Motifs since 1896.


"The story begins in 1896 when my grandfather, Mr Martin Morel, set up his textile printing company near Lyon. Its success was rapid and its original creations accompanied and created textile trends throughout the twentieth century. But, after these glorious years of intense creativity, the difficult context of the 80s precipitated the closure of the company ...


Today, I want to pay tribute to the beauty of the creations developed over nearly a century by these artisans. Originally imagined for fashion, the strength of these works is expressed on all media, even the most daring ... Each of our wallpapers, made in France, conveys this forgotten past and reinterprets a design from our textile archives . From the elegance of 1930s lines, to the exuberance of the 60s and 70s, our pattern collection is a journey through time, styles, fashions and hopefully will provide you with a rich and inspiring source of inspiration. unique. "

Emmanuel Foyatier 


Maison Martin Morel factory in 1896 


Mr Matin Morel - Hélice Wallpaper 

Propeller Archive 

Archives Dahlia - 1902